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Why Elk Grove?

Elk Grove, a dynamic and contemporary city with a population of 178000, is nestled in the heart of the economically vigor Sacramento region, conveniently close to the prosperous Bay Area and Tahoe’s world-class ski resorts. Since its incorporation in 2000, Elk Grove has been recognized for its business-friendly environment, family-centric vibe, low crime rates, exceptional schools, and the plentiful parks that lay alongside a rich array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

Elk Grove’s vibrant talent pool and excellent connectivity, including direct flights and major train services, serve companies like VSP, UC Davis Medical, Intel, Apple, 21stBio, and Origin Materials all of which already call Elk Grove home. The Greater Sacramento area, which includes Elk Grove, is renowned for its diverse and highly educated workforce of 2.6 million people. It ranks second in the U.S. for inclusivity and features a talent pool that is 50% diverse, with over 33% holding at least a bachelor’s degree.

With proximity to leading educational institutions and innovation labs, and a high percentage of college-educated residents, Greater Sacramento, and Elk Grove in particular, offer a perfect setting for businesses looking to flourish in a community that prioritizes diversity, education, and economic growth.

Startup Successes in Elk Grove:


Elk Grove’s Startup Incentive Program stands out by providing vital technical and financial assistance to startups ready to launch or scale. Targeted at companies bringing innovative products or platforms to market, this program equips startups with the tools needed for rapid growth and sustained success. Notably, it received the IEDC Excellence in Economic Development Award in 2023, recognizing its impact as a grant program and rent subsidy. Elk Grove is not just investing in capital; it’s securing a future of innovation and excellence. 

Capital investment is flourishing in Elk Grove and the wider Sacramento region, turning it into a dynamic center for business innovation. Key initiatives like Sac Angels and Startup Sac are at the forefront, offering essential support to budding entrepreneurs. This surge in investment underscores the area’s dedication to building a strong startup ecosystem. 



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