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About the owner

Jim Hensley is the dynamic force behind the Elk Grove Innovation Center, embodying the spirit of a tech entrepreneur dedicated to enriching the local community.

As the founder of Abbey Flooring, he established a commercial flooring legacy in Elk Grove, CA, renowned for exceptional quality and extensive Northern California projects. Jim’s expertise extends beyond impeccable flooring solutions, encompassing a diverse portfolio of innovative technologies and ventures.

With a fervent passion for economic growth, Jim actively nurtures the seeds of innovation in Elk Grove, positioning the Center as a catalyst for tech entrepreneurship and community advancement.

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A Collaborative Effort


The Elk Grove Innovation Center has been revitalized into a hub for ambition and innovation, thanks to a collaborative effort between IPG, Abbey Flooring, and the City of Elk Grove. This partnership has transformed the center into a dynamic space that fosters growth for startups and tech-driven businesses. It’s more than a workplace; it’s a community designed to inspire and propel economic development, embodying the spirit of tech entrepreneurship and community enrichment.

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Reimagining Innovation

The Elk Grove Innovation Center isn’t just a building – it’s a beacon of aspiration. Re-envisioned to champion innovation, entrepreneurship, and robust economic growth, we provide a wealth of amenities tailored to the unique needs of our tenants. Here, startups, seasoned entrepreneurs, and technologically-driven businesses find not just a workspace, but a collaborative realm to thrive.

Our meticulously designed private offices stand as a testament to sophistication and functionality. Tailored to cater the varied needs of professionals, these spaces encapsulate an environment that prioritizes privacy, ensuring focused productivity and fostered creativity.

Conference Room

At the heart of every successful venture lies thoughtful deliberation. Our conference room is not merely a space but a crucible where ideas mature, discussions kindle innovation, and abstract concepts morph into tangible, actionable plans.

Professional Lobby

First impressions matter. Our professionally curated lobby exudes an aura of magnificence and promise. Every visitor, partner, or potential collaborator is greeted with an ambiance that reflects the pioneering spirit of the Elk Grove Innovation Center.


Understanding the importance of downtime in fostering productivity, our break-room has been designed as a haven. Whether it’s a quick coffee break, a casual discussion, or simply some time off the screen, this space offers the perfect setting to relax, recharge, and prepare for the challenges ahead.


Efficiency and space optimization are at the core of our expansive warehouse. With modern infrastructure and a layout that supports a myriad of operational needs, it serves as a backbone, ensuring seamless operations and inventory management for our tenants.

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Dive into an opportunity-rich environment. With five private offices, a modernized bull-pen, and state-of-the-art facilities, Elk Grove Innovation Center is your investment haven.

Joint venture

Forge partnerships in a space tailored for collaboration. From a dynamic conference room to an expansive warehouse, we have everything to kick-start your next big venture.

about us

The Innovation Center stands as a cornerstone for visionaries, providing state-of-the-art facilities and fostering dynamic business growth.

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